Online Submission

This journal is no longer accepting manuscripts.

Before submitting an article, the authors must read the copyright information. Submission of an article to this journal implies that the authors have read and fully agreed to the terms and conditions under the tab ‘For Authors’.

If you are submitting your manuscript online, please also include the Authorship and Conflicts of Interest Form with your submission.

Please ensure you follow the recommended Styles and Symbols to avoid additional charges.

File format

The corresponding author(s) should submit their manuscript in one of the accepted formats (e.g., .doc, .docx) and may combine text, tables and figures into a single file or provide figures and tables separately (at least 300dpi or higher).

The initial submission files do not need to be formatted in the Journal style. However, if accepted after peer-review, the authors will be required to format the final submission files as per the Journal’s manuscript preparation guidlines.

Naming the files

Name the manuscript and all supporting files using the first author’s last name (for example, Linxa-Cover, Linxa-Manuscript, Linxa-Figure 1, etc). If the files are too large for a single email transmission, divide into smaller files and describe the sequence of files in the following emails. Provide any supporting signed documents as scanned images or with electronic signatures, such as relevant pages of the Manuscript Submission Form, copyright permissions, etc. Original document(s) may be requested at the final publication stage. Please contact us in the first instance, should you have any problems in submitting your manuscript or other queries.

Cover letter

The corresponding author should include a cover letter briefly explaining why their article is suitable for publication in this journal, describing major/novel findings of their research and their significance. Explain with reasons if your manuscript merits express review (target approximately 7 days). Also, please provide full names and contact details of all authors of the manuscript, including their mailing addresses and email addresses.

Final checklist

  • Main manuscript text file
  • Tables and figures
  • The Authorship and Conflicts of Interest Form, if applicable
  • Cover letter signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all authors
  • Signed copyright permission letter(s), if any
  • Any other supporting document(s)

Before completing the registration form please ensure that your browser and computer settings allow ‘form submission’ and ‘file upload’. We strongly recommend that after submitting your form you send us a brief email at to inform us of the submission.

Manuscript Submission Form (JApt)

  • Manuscript Information

  • (e.g., Research Article, Reseach Report, Review, Minireview, Technology, Method, Editorial, etc.)
  • Excluding title pages and references
  • Include Supplementary Tables
  • Contact Information

  • Potential Referees

    Please suggest six potential referees for your manuscript
  • Upload Your Manuscript

    Multiple files can be uploaded
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 10 MB.
      Maximum size 10MB